Good for you, good for our planet


Our Petioles come prepared in a Compostable Paperboard tube filled with 100% Biodegradable Ingredients!

NO artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives


Every single one of our ingredients has a NATURAL function to make our Petioles work AND pleasant to use

Made with Flowers, Fruits, & Plants


Plant-based & Cruelty-Free for our love of all creatures great & small!

Enhanced with Natural Active Ingredients


Combining Nature & Science allows us to use Mother Nature's most powerful ingredients to their highest personal care potential

Formulated by a practitioner of Eastern & Western Medicines


Inspired by 10+ years in the Medical Esthetics industry...keeping Nature AND Science in mind

We are different than other "Natural" brands

FIVE Levels of Performance!

EVERY Ingredient has a NATURAL function to make our Pit Petioles™ WORK!

⭘ Highly effective 24 hour protection- this natural deodorant really works!

NO harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances EVER

NO petroleum or fossil fuel derived ingredients

NO known skin sensitizers

⭘ Silky application with NO greasy, sticky or cakey feel

What makes our Pit Petioles™ Better?

What is Microbiome Therapy?

We tap into microbial magic by using BOTH Prebiotics & Probiotics in our Pit Petioles™ to offer odor protection on a biological level!

Learn why Microbiome Therapy is so important for your pits!
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Never run out with Subscribe & Save

With a Pit Petiole™ subscription you can customize what you want, when you want it.

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⭘ Try a New Petiole Anytime

⭘ Cancel Anytime

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Our Pledge to you & Planet Earth

BODY & BOTANY promises to NEVER use synthetic colors/fragrances or harmful chemicals EVER....

We promise to ONLY use Eco-Friendly, Natural, Effective ingredients that are good for you & good for our planet!

Read Our Ingredient Code of Ethics