Connecting the Beauty within with the Power of Nature...

Like many natural or clean beauty brands, we undergo the honorable challenge of extracting Mother Nature's most skin-nourishing ingredients to add to our products.

Both Eastern & Western medicine have taught us, that the therapeutic properties from nature are boundless. 

By carefully choosing which properties we wished our products to embody, our hope was to provide our Goddesses with the highest-quality, highest-potency beauty tools we can offer!

But that wasn't enough!!

Using knowledge attained from my journey as both an Eastern Medicine & Western Medicine practitioner in the beauty industry, I knew that there were still critical elements missing from purely botanical products that weren't allowing me to produce the most effective, yet natural skin care possible!

Incorporating clinically active vitamins, peptides, proteins, and compounds was the new goal!

Each product was carefully curated with intent to combine elements from nature with an equally majestic clinically elevating counterpart. From oils & extracts, to flowers & berries, Mother Nature's children provide us with some purely magical tools for beautifying. A flower that has properties to soothe was paired with a clinical ingredient to activate, while an oil to hydrate was empowered with an ingredient to help it absorb. 

We now take great pride in the fact that each and every skin care product we offer is infused with some form of vital clinical nutrient to elevate the lovely active essence imbedded in our botanical ingredients. 

Stay tuned for more focused chats highlighting individual ingredients, and why we chose certain ones for our Goddesses beauty rituals!

With love & light,