Goddess Goals

After all the science-y, skin care writing, I wanted to break away to delve into talking about other topics I ADORE…finding your purpose & creating the reality you want!

Finding purpose is something we all seek & are challenged with finding.

I really love hearing about what others’ goals & dreams are. Not only do I enjoy encouraging them to chase those dreams, but listening to their inner wishes inspires & motivates me to go after mine!

I hope with BODY & BOTANY, I can encourage you to dream and create, and be the powerful, beautiful Goddesses that you are. 

I want you to make those dreams your reality!

BODY & BOTANY is not meant to be just a beauty brand. My hopes and goals are to make it a lifestyle that empowers women to be proud of their own unique magic and seek out the beauty within just as much as the beauty without.

There are several ways I believe we are able to empower ourselves & supercharge our magic to reach our goals!

One is connecting with the energies around us. Nature is a powerful force that resides quietly around us, but when tapped into, can shift and transform energy.

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We can get glimpses of this energy when we allow ourselves to take in the fresh ocean air, or bask in the glowing light through a forest canopy. 

Connecting with the Earth and the organic elements brings us back to a natural, pure state that is free of self-judgement and worry.

When you feel bogged down by the buzz of the world around you, take a step away, connect with something natural. Even if it’s a houseplant on your windowsill!

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Close your eyes and take a few breaths, concentrate on that natural energy and nothing else. Feel the exchange of energy. I would almost bet that you would feel a sense of being reset. Use that energy to recharge yourself!

Another way to juice up on magical goodness is to honor ourselves with compliments!

This might sound silly, and I will be the first to admit that I have a very difficult time doing this myself!

What I mean is to tell yourself how magical you are! If you can’t say it out loud, then look in a mirror and say it to yourself in your head. Direct it to yourself so the energy knows where to go.

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“You are magic”

“You can create magic”

“The beauty you emit is magic”

Say whatever feels powerful or relevant to you.

If there is anything that the world has shown us since ancient times is that anything is possible. Seriously, anything! 

I know it’s not that easy, but it starts with knowing and then goes from there. 

Take little steps.

When you feel like you are falling away from your path, reset yourself with a simple mantra or connect with something natural.

The Universe knows nothing about time, so to the Universe, your goals are already met! Your job is to trust and know that they are. They will eventually reveal themselves in the reality around you.

Keep creating and goal-setting, Goddesses!

With love & light,