If I Could Drink Glitter, I Would!

Even though we welcome a New Year & lots of new, enlightening opportunities, it's the little things I encourage you to celebrate!

The new path you discovered while hiking, a new way you thought to apply your eyeshadow, an unexpected call from a friend... 

These are the beauties of our day-to-day that reveal the magic around us! The never-ending magnificence of nature, a burst of creativity, or the knowing that someone was thinking of you. 

I know these may seem minor or meaningless at the time you experience them, but learning to appreciate the simple signs of life & energy around us can really give you a sense of meaning or worth...and why not soak up all the positivity we can get!

Through the last few decades, there has been a shift away from taking in what is right in front of us. We see things more often through the lens of a camera or cellphone then we do when we physically interact energetically with them. 

We all live such busy lives and if it wasn't for holidays like New Year's, we may never really take the time to reflect on what we have done, are currently doing, or hope to do in the future.

I encourage you all to make a resolution this year to be more aware of the beauty and magic around you day-by-day!...starting with yourself!

Celebrate the fact that you are unique, like no other. Celebrate your freckles, your curls, your curves! 

Little by little, these bits of joy will build up energy in your spirit and empower you. 

So have a glass of glitter today and everyday, Goddess!....

...because, You ARE Magic!!


With love & light,