Lava Stone Aroma Diffuser

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Lava Stone Diffuser

This white Lava Stone aroma diffuser will help bring zephyrs of botanical bliss to your space!

How to Enjoy your Lava Stone:

1. Using essential oils of your choice or our Bath Concentrates:  dispense 5-10 drops of oil onto your lava stone.

2. SHOWER: Hang your scented stone on your shower head just low enough to bask in the vapors of the water. As steam accumulates, aroma will be released. Re-apply drops upon each shower, or when needed.

SECRET:  Dispense some Bath Concentrate along your shower floor (away from drain) for additional aroma!

3CAR: Hang your scented stone on your rearview mirror to create an aromatic solace in your vehicle cabin!

Kindly Note:  It may take 2-3 applications for aroma to diffuse. Also, depending on strength of scent used, more oil may be needed for your enjoyment.

*You may cleanse your lava stone in a solution of water & baking soda if you should wish to alternate aromas with a clean stone.*

Handmade With:
Natural Lava Stone, Cotton Rope, Wooden Toggle