Sea Silk Face Sponge

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100% Natural Mediterranean Sea Silk Sponge

This soft Sea Silk Sponge traveled to you from the majestic waters of the Mediterranean.

It was sustainably harvested & cleaned with care.

Using a soft Sea Sponge with either our Rose & Tea Tree Cleansing Dew or Sea Flower Cleansing Oil will elevate your face cleansing ritual...

It will assist with cleansing your delicate face, whilst providing gentle exfoliation & bestowing your skin with natural sea minerals!

Here are a few Pearls of wisdom before you begin  your cleansing ritual with our Sea Silk Sponge:

1.  Before use:  rinse your new sponge thoroughly with clean water to ensure removal of all fine sea particles.

2. To use:  either dispense your cleansing product directly onto damp sponge or use to assist with cleaning after applying your desired cleansing product.

3. When done:  rinse your sponge completely, squeeze out excess water, & set it aside to air dry.

4. To extend the life of your sponge:  occasionally freshen it with a solution of baking soda & water.


Kindly Note:  Our Sea Silk Sponges are formed by Mother Nature & will differ in shape & size. Generally, all our sponges are approximately 3 - 3.5 in when wet.  You will receive your own unique sponge...please enjoy her!