My Tale

BODY & BOTANY was originally created to offer elevated botanical Personal Care products that were meticulously formulated with both nature & science in mind.

All BODY & BOTANY brand products were curated by me, a practitioner of both Western & Eastern medicines.

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty & wellness industry, I was inspired by my own wish to find products for myself & others that are made from high-quality natural ingredients, but are enhanced with active elements that are critical for healthy skin, bodies & minds.

Blooming from my love of alchemy & all things botanical, BODY & BOTANY was born! 

I am now proud to offer a magical selection of holistic, eco-conscious products to beautify & enchant your body, space & spirit.

After all, beauty & wellness come from both inside & out!

I hope you enjoy my collections!


With love & light,



Lacey, founder & curator