Frequent Inquiries

1. I wish to start a beauty ritual, where shall I begin?

We recommend starting with a Beauty Satchel Sets of your choosing! Although, we do recommend our Mix & Match Ritual Satchel Set since it bestows you with a collection of your own to start up complete skincare regimen! 

2. How long does it take to behold results?

This depends on which botanical lovely you are using, as well as the present state of your skin my dear! Some members of our Circle see results, such as softer & more supple skin, within a few eves (days) or at most a fortnight (2 weeks)! 

For more impactful results, we recommend giving your ritual at least 2 lunar cycles (about 2 months), before seeking improvements.

* Please know, scientific data shows that it takes at least 1 month for the skin of 30 year old goddesses to turn-over & 2 months for 50 year old goddesses, so please practice patience.

3. I have sensitive skin, which product shall I select?

You are delicate & precious, & so is your skin. We have curated all products to be sensitive-skin loving, however, we recommend starting with our Sea Flower Cleansing Oil, Flower Water Balancing TonerBeauty Dew Renewal Gel, & Botanical Essence Rescue Mist for deeply penetrating yet gentle options. 

As always though, please take care to test all products on a small area of skin prior to full use!

4. Can I use all of your products together, if so how do I practice my ritual?

Why yes my dear! Here is what we recommend:


Sea Flower Oil Cleanser ~ Use daily

Flower Water Balancing Toner ~ Use after cleansing

Beauty Bloom Youth Concentrate ~ Use once or twice a day alternating with Face Nectar

Face Nectar Repair Serum ~ Use once or twice a day alternating with Beauty Bloom

Rejuvenation Petal Eye Revitalizer ~ Use twice a day

Bamboo Juice Exfoliating Jelly ~ Use once or twice a week

Flower Clay Brightening Mask ~ Use once a week


Jasmine Zest Body Elixir ~ Use daily after shower or whilst showering


Beauty Dew Renewal Gel ~ Use as you wish or daily added to Beauty Bloom

Botanical Essence Rescue Mist ~ Use as you wish or betwixt periods of cleansing

Green Seed Healing Salve ~ Use as you wish for fingers, toes, & lips

5. My products are transforming in color! What magic is this?

Yes, my dear, you may notice subtle color changes in your botanical goods due to the nature of natural color. This is healthy & natural & the way mother nature intended. All products that may transform in color include;

Bamboo Juice Exfoliating Jelly, Beauty Bloom Youth Concentrate, Beauty Dew Hydration Gel, & Rejuvenation Petal Eye Revitalizer

To best preserve original color, keep your products away from direct sunlight, darling.

Products may also require a gentle shake to redistribute natural botanical pigments.

6. Where are your products curated?

All of our products are hand-crafted in micro batches in our Enchantment Parlor (in Framingham, MA USA).

7. I wish to have you curate a custom formula, what can you make for me?

We absolutely adore making special products for our Goddesses unique requests! 

First, please connect on our Custom Order Request page & list your wishes & goals for your skin in your message to us.

We will typically reply within a few eves to gather more information about your request. 

Then we will propose a few formulas to you. If you choose to accept any of the formulas, we will get to work curating it for you!

* Pricing will be dependent upon the formula complexity as well as size available.

* Currently, we may only offer certain types of custom formulas, such as facial serums, cleansers, exfoliants, masks & body oils. 

8. How long will it take for me to receive my selection?

Because your items are made in micro batches, darling, processing your order to be ready to for your enjoyment may take up to 2 weeks.

Your botanical lovelies will be curated within 3-5 business days & shipped within 2 business days thereafter.

Please be patient for shipping to take another 5-7 business days.

You will receive shipping updates whenever your precious items are on their way to you.

* If you are ordering a Custom Formula, we will be in correspondence with you throughout the process & let you know when your order is ready for shipment. Typically, please allow at least 2 weeks of development & curating before expecting any shipment notifications.

(for more information about shipping, please see our shipping page)