Our Commitment to formulate using BOTH Nature AND Science has us thinking of you AND your microbes!

After all, microbes are all around us!

So what's all this magic about microbes & what does it have to do with your pits?

Well, botanical friends, listen & we shall tell...

Prebiotics & Probiotics are both lovely wee substances that live joyously together when used in harmony. They love us & we love them.

Probiotics protect us by balancing our good bacteria so the bad bacteria doesn't run amuck & cause a stink (literally!)

Prebiotics make sure the Probiotics are fit & thriving so they can work their magic.

Science has already told us that one of the conditions for body odor to arise is the formation of bad bacteria.

By using a deodorant with BOTH Prebiotics AND Probiotics, you are helping your skin's delicate environment to thrive...like a garden without weeds!

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