• FIVE Levels of Performance!
    • EVERY Ingredient has a NATURAL Function to make our Pit Petioles™ WORK!
    • Highly effective 24 hour protection - this natural deodorant really works!
    • NO harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances EVER
    • NO petroleum or fossil fuel derived ingredients
    • NO known skin sensitizers
    • Silky application without greasy, sticky or cakey feel WITHOUT the use of silicones or other non-eco friendly substances
    • Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

    Learn more about why we don't use certain ingredients found in other natural / clean deodorant brands by visiting our Ingredient Code of Ethics!

    How Pit Petioles Work:

    Pit Petioles™ are the ONLY natural vegan deodorant that function on FIVE levels of performance!

    Using the power of Nature AND Science, we formulated our Petioles to...

    1. Neutralize Odor with a combination of Natural Minerals
    2. Balance your Microflora using Microbiome Therapy
    3. Absorb Moisture with Root & Earth Powders
    4. Soothe & Soften delicate armpit skin with Nourishing Botanicals
    5. Condition & Protect all day with Antioxidants & Natural Antimicrobials
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      Full Ingredient List:
      100% natural ingredients
      Key Botanical Ingredients:
      Coco caprylate
      From coconut - provides natural skin conditioning & helps our Pit Petioles™ glide smoothly.
      Rich in nutrients, coconut also has high levels of vitamin C, which helps maintain skin elasticity & flexibility. 
      Abundant in copper, it also helps prevent crepey skin & pesky pigmentation. 
      It smooths, softens & brightens!

      Papaya, so lovely & sweet, yet so powerful & exotic. Not only are Papaya Enzymes the source for our Probiotic, we also make use of Papaya Oil, which promotes cell regeneration & fights pigmentation!

      It has antioxidant, anti aging, anti acne, & anti dermatitic properties, meaning it is just lovely for your skin...& pits!

      Calendula has been historically used by those who came before us to calm & soothe skin, as well as repair damage done by that nasty inflammation. 
      Rich in flavonoids & saponins, Calendula can help promote healing, prevent tissue degeneration & protect the skin from free-radicals.

      Aloe is just fabulous! It has been used topically since ancient times for its skin soothing properties. 
      It is full of vitamins, minerals, & anti inflammatory compounds, making it an ideal ingredient for any skin type. 

      Elderberry has long been used medicinally for its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. 
      In body care, Elderberry can help protect us from pesky free radicals, tighten skin, & provide broad antimicrobial benefits.

      Candelilla Wax 
      100% plant wax that provides a hardness to make our Pit Petioles™ easy to use without the mess. 
      We also choose this plant wax because it is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores!
      It's also a rich source of Vitamin A, which helps promote cell regeneration!

      Diatomaceous Earth 
      Ancient fossils of mineral-rich algae help neutralize odor & absorb excess moisture. 
      Diatomaceous Earth works to draw out toxins & heavy metals from the body, ridding us of harmful elements.
      It is also found in abundance & so lovingly sustainable due to the fact that it is constantly regenerating & clearing out carbon dioxide in our atmosphere!

      This therapeutic root is used for its ability to absorb moisture.
      Arrowroot also has antiquated significance in assisting skin healing! 
      It has been used to treat wounds & injuries by promoting natural healing as it protects the skin.
      It absorbs excess oils, softens skin, helps heal blemishes, & eliminates toxins.

      Essential Oils & Extracts from Flowers, Fruits & Plants*
      If our products are to be scented, we ONLY use Essential Oils or Extracts from flowers, fruits or plants that are carefully chosen from our reputable suppliers.
      You can read about which oils or extract are used in each product on their unique product page ingredient list!

      clinically active deodorant
      Elevating Ingredients:

      Prebiotic from artichoke.
      This noteworthy Prebiotic works in partnership with the good bacteria found in your skin flora.
      It helps skin to thrive & promotes an unwelcoming environment for the bad bacteria that causes odor.

      Probiotic from papaya.
      Probiotics have been shown to assist with body odor control by encouraging good bacteria to grow so the smelly kind does not! 
      Lactobacillus from papaya doubles as a skin soother & exfoliator, leaving skin soft & renewed!

      Zinc Ricinoleate
      This wondrous element comes from the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, a nourishing fatty acid found in the seeds of the Castor plant! 
      It works by trapping & absorbing pesky odor molecules, making them essentially imperceptible to the odor receptors in your wee nose. How sweet!

      Magnesium Carbonate & Hydroxide
      Dead Sea Salts that naturally neutralize odor & skin Ph.
      The fourth most abundant mineral in the body, Magnesium is welcomed by the skin with enthusiasm. 
      This marine lovely helps neutralize odor so you can bask in botanical bliss stink-free!

      Cetearyl & Stearyl Alcohols
      Skin Conditioning fatty acids that are 100% natural & sustainably derived from plants & vegetables.
      These gals make for a winning combo of skin nourishment & functionality that help make our Pit Petioles™ a solid stick with a silky glide!

      Vitamin E
      Vitamin E, we adore thee! 
      A well-known antioxidant & combatant of free radicals, this oily lovely, sourced from plants has also shown to have benefits that may reduce UV damage to skin!

       * Even though we only use naturally derived ingredients, our products may contain oils, butters & extracts from nuts, seeds, flowers & fruit. If you have any known allergies or sensitivities, please read the product label carefully. If you are uncertain about possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before use.