Blooming Mint Botanical Candle

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100% Vegan Scented Candle

Spa luxury is a burning flame away, my love!

That clean, soothing, spirit-elevating scent of Peppermint & Lavender has long been known to put both your mind & body at ease.

Slip into some Egyptian cotton & grab some wine, because this Goddess is about to get pampered with our Blooming Mint Botanical Candle!

Fragrance Notes:

Purely clarifying Peppermint & blissful Lavender 

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Energy & sensory clearing Peppermint enlivens our spirits whilst easing tensions & strains. A whiff of cooling Peppermint has been shown to help relieve tension headaches & feelings of dizziness, promoting a sense of balance & clarity.

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Ahh, solace is inevitable whilst the scent of Lavender fills the air! Known for it's use to help us relax, ease our stress & anxiety, & promote dreamful sleep, Lavender is blissful & calming. Breath in & slumber sweetly, Goddess...



Volume:  4 oz

Diameter:  2.5 in

Height:  1.75 in

Burn Time:  approx. 20 hours*

Kindly note: Petite size Botanical Candles comes in a Gold Metal Tin. Place tin inside it's lid or on heat-resistant surface while burning.



Volume:  8 oz 

Diameter: 3.25 in

Height: 4 in

Burn Time:  approx. 80 hours*


Candle Etiquette:

Proper candle use is the best way to ensure your Botanical Candle burns cleanly & is long lasting. Prior to each use, trim the wick to 1/4" to minimize sooting.

Keeping your Botanical Candle away from moving air will also help them burn more cleanly!

* For maximum enjoyment, burn your Botanical Candle for up to 4 hours at a time. This will preserve the wick so carbon does not build up, causing the candle to burn ineffectively, my love!


Coconut wax, proprietary blend skin-safe fragrance oils, dried organic lavender flowers, dried organic peppermint leaf, gold leaf, cotton wick


Hand-poured with 100% renewable, eco-friendly coconut wax

Formulated without toxic paraffins, synthetic dyes, allergens, & phthalates

Only skin-friendly oils are used, my love

100% Vegan & Recyclable!


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