Discovery Satchel Set

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Explore 6 of our Top Selling Botanical lovelies, whist enjoying a complete Beauty Ritual from head to toe!

Find a new favorite or try products you never used before in our Discovery Set...have fun & bask in botanical bliss!

What it contains:

Sea Flower Cleansing Oil   1 oz / 30 g

Cleanse & Nourish. Effectively washes away dirt & impurities, whilst softening & conditioning. 

Flower Water Balancing Toner   1 oz / 30 g

Rebalance & Refine. Soothes & conditions, whilst reinforcing skin's precious acid mantle.

Beauty Bloom Youth Concentrate   0.5 oz / 15 g

Restore & Tighten. Battles aging by firming, toning, brightening & bestowing your skin with its youthful radiance.

Rejuvenation Petal Eye Revitalizer   0.18 oz / 5 g

Revitalize & Refresh. powerful formulation packed with natural & clinically elevating elements aimed to smooth, lift & brighten your delicate eyes.

 Flower Clay Brightening Mask   0.7 oz / 20 g

Balances & Brightens. Coconut milk nourishes, Kaolin clay clears impurities, whilst Vitamin C leaves your skin glowing!

Jasmine Zest Body Elixir   1 oz / 30 g

Smooth & Tone. Delicately reinforces skin's tone & suppleness, whilst providing a lingering fragrance of botanical bliss.


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