Pit Petiole Trio


Natural, Effective, Aluminum & Baking Soda Free Deodorant Bundle
Get 3,  2.5 oz / 70 g Petioles!

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Why choose a single Petiole when you can get a Trio!

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Value: $45.00

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Named after the delicate point where a leaf meets the stem, the Petiole is technically the "armpit" of our botanical friends!

The Petiole is a critical structure that maintains the chemical & nutritional balance in a plant.

By providing the leaf with the ability to flutter in the wind, it also assists with cooling the leaf & bringing fresh air to it's delicate surface.
Just like a Petiole, our Pit Petiole™ neutralizes odors while maintaining the natural chemical balance in your body. You can read all about why our  Pit Petioles™ are different from any other "natural deodorant" you may have tried. 

We're more like plants than you think!
naturally scented deodorant

Pit Petioles™ are the ONLY natural high performance deodorants that function on FIVE levels of performance!

Using the power of Nature AND Science, we formulated our Petioles to...

  1. Neutralize Odor with a combination of Natural Minerals
  2. Balance your Microflora using Microbiome Therapy
  3. Absorb Moisture with Root & Earth Powders
  4. Soothe & Soften delicate armpit skin with Nourishing Botanicals
  5. Condition & Protect all day with AntioxidantsNatural Antimicrobials
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