Goddess Mini's Satchel

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Our mini samplers make the perfect gift for the Clean Beauty Goddess in your life, or for yourself to try our Collection!

Find which products speak to your skin best...after all, every Goddess is different!

*Kindly Note: Due to the nature of our collections being micro batch, your Goddess Mini Satchel may take longer to ship to assure we provide you with the latest batches!

*If needed by a certain date, please allow 2 weeks from purchase for delivery of your order. 

*Please order before December 10th if you wish to guarantee your Satchel before Christmas.


What it contains:

Sea Flower Cleansing Oil   

Cleanse & Nourish. Effectively washes away dirt & impurities, whilst softening & conditioning. 

Flower Water Balancing Toner  

Rebalance & Refine. Soothes & conditions, whilst reinforcing skin's precious acid mantle.

Beauty Bloom Youth Concentrate   

Restore & Tighten. Battles aging by firming, toning, brightening & bestowing your skin with its youthful radiance.

Rejuvenation Petal Eye Revitalizer   

Revitalize & Refresh. A delightful formulation packed with natural & clinically elevating elements aimed to smooth, lift & brighten.

Face Nectar Repairing Serum  

Cellular Repair & Skin Renewal. Deeply restorative, delivering vital nutrients for healthy cells & skin elasticity.

Beauty Dew Hydration Gel    

Quench & Restore. Deeply hydrates skin, whilst improving skin integrity & restoring natural moisture.

Bamboo Juice Exfoliating Jelly   

Smooths & Renews. Polishes away dullness, allowing your luster to shine.

 Flower Clay Brightening Mask   

Balances & Brightens. Clears impurities & leaves your skin glowing.

Botanical Essence Refreshing Mist    

Revive & Protect. Refreshes skin & protects it from environmental stressors, boosting skin vitality.

Jasmine Zest Body Elixir   

Smooth & Tone. Delicately reinforces skin's tone & suppleness, whilst providing a lingering fragrance of botanical bliss.

 Blemish Bud Spot Treatment   

Heals & Protects. Helps soothe irritable spots & hasten the departure of bothersome blemishes. 

Green Seed Cuticle Salve    

Soften & Repair. Lovely for conditioning your delicate fingertips, elegant tootsies & perfect pout!



Take care darling:

Products by BODY & BOTANY have not been approved by the FDA though individual ingredients have. Products & advice by BODY & BOTANY make no claim to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problem & are not intended to replace other therapy or medical advice by a physician.



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