Lava Stone Diffuser

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100% Natural Lava Stone Shower Diffuser

This white Lava Stone aroma diffuser will help bring zephyrs of botanical bliss to your bathroom & shower!

How to Enjoy your Lava Stone:

1. Using our Bath Concentrates or essential oils of your choice:  dispense 5-10 drops of oil onto your lava stone.

2. Hang the stone inside your shower or around your shower head, just low enough to bask in the vapors of the water.

3. As steam accumulates, aroma will start to be released.

4. Re-apply drops upon each shower, or when needed.

Kindly Note:  It may take 2-3 showers for aroma to diffuse. Also, depending on strength of scent used, more may be needed for your enjoyment.

SECRET:  Dispense some Bath Concentrate along your shower floor (away from drain) for additional aroma!

You may cleanse your lava stone in a solution of water & baking soda if you should wish to alternate aromas with a clean stone.